Protein Powder Overview!

Protein Powder Overview!

Protein powder is undoubtably one of the biggest category of products on the market today. There is also SO many different kinds of protein out there with many different forms. 

So what is truly the difference? We're here to help!

First off let's talk about the benefits protein powder has and how it can help with your fitness goals. Protein is one of the most important macro-nutrients for anyone who exercises. It plays a very vital role in the human body.

Protein Powder can help you get your proper protein in per day in an easier way than eating pounds of chicken breast. 

Before processing about 20% of milk contains the most popular form of protein Whey, the other 80% consists of Casein protein. 

Whey Protein Isolate Whey protein further processed ultimately to eliminate carbohydrates and fat, thus making it the lower-calorie option of all whey protein sources. Can often times be considered the "Cleanest". Most naturally flavored whey protein products the main protein source will primarily be whey protein isolate. Importantly this form can have the least amount of LACTOSE, which is very important if dairy tends to bug an individuals stomach. Tends to be 85-90% protein.

Whey Protein Concentrate: This form will have a higher fat and carohydrate content. The typical protein product with this being it's main form typically has macros looking like this: 3-5g carbs 2-4g fat and anywhere from 22-26g of protein. Tends to be 70-80% protein. This form also tends to be better tasting due to the simple fact it has higher fat and carbs!

Whey Protein Hydrolysate:  Also known as hydrolyzed whey, this type has been pre-digested so that it gets absorbed faster. That's about as simple as it gets for this form of protein. 

As we mentioned above there is a form of protein that exists in milk called Casein protein.

Casein Protein: Casein Protein is the slowest digesting protein there is out there. 80% of the protein in milk consists of casein protein. Casein protein is also the dominant form of protein in Yogurt, Cottage Cheese and most cheeses for that matter. The most popular way people take casein is right before bed, but it isn't a bad idea to have some casein post workout along with some whey. 

Core Nutritionals PRO in our protein section contains Casein along with whey protein for a perfect blend! 

Now as useful as protein powder can be it is more important to focus on whole foods first as your primary source of protein, Protein powder is to SUPPLEMENT your current diet. Me personally I take 2 scoops of protein after my workout to help ensure my body recovers correctly and optimally.

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  • Jesse Westover