Product Spotlight: Myoblox Supra

Product Spotlight: Myoblox Supra

Myoblox Supra is a growth factor matrix, it's a patented and custom engineered bio-active peptide is derived from an unrivaled embryonic source rich in fibroblast and naturally occurring growth factors that help maintain homeostasis and restore cell communication. Supra’s natural growth factors are nutritional building blocks that support the human biological system to help boost endurance, support faster recovery times and increase lean muscle gains, muscle retention (even when on a calorie restricted diet) in addition to a lot of other health benefits with no reported side effects.† 

I personally have been taking supra on and off for a while now, and when I'am off of it and not taking I without a doubt notice difference in recovery and especially in REM sleep, I tend to dream a lot more while taking supra which is a good sign that REM sleep is better.

Supra can be taken by literally anyone in the gym, no matter the goal. With all the benefits seen above it makes perfect sense why anyone is able to take this. 

Is this product natural? Yes, the actives are 100% natural from a non-GMO embryonic source.

This is a versatile product and can be stacked with anything. Take 1 serving post workout or before bed OR take 1 serving twice a day at both of those times.


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  • Jesse Westover