Product Spotlight: Inspired Ember

Product Spotlight: Inspired Ember

Ember- Platinum Heat Reserve:

The team at Inspired Nutraceuticals did it again. The re-birth of their popular thermogenic fat loss powder ember has arrived coming in two flavors Lemon Grove, Malibu Breeze!

Ember is a stimulant thermogenic powder meaning it contains caffeine 200mg to be exact. Without a doubt it is a packed formula to help with Energy, Fat Loss, Increase lean muscle, Increase Mental Clarity & Focus!

Now lets dig into the fun part, The Ingredients!

First up they got 3g of carnitine which may help transport fatty acids to be used as energy, carnitine can also be a form of a nootropic helping with mental clarity and focus.

Next up we have Ashwagandha in the form of KSM-66. This is an ingredient that is known to be beneficial for reducing cortisol levels. Cortisol may be detrimental to your fat loss goals, which makes perfect sense why it's in ember and showing up in alot of other formulas as well, at 600mg in ember it is dosed well.

Next is dandelion extract, which is a natrual diuretic helping you get rid of unwanted water weight you may be holding onto. Following that is Cocoa Extract which is a natural source of Theobromine and ECGC, as well as some other beneficial antioxidants. At 100mg it is dosed well. Finally we have Grains of Paradise at 40mg. Grains of Paradise has been shown in human studies to be beneficial for fat oxidation.

The main mechanism for fat loss for grains of paradise seems to be by activation of brown adipose tissue(BAT) and whole-body energy expenditure. BAT is considered metabolically active fat tissue and is primarily used to regulate body temperature by dissipating energy as heat.

Following all this we have everyone's favorite, The stimulant blend. As we mentioned containing 200mg of Caffeine per scoop. Next we got Choline Bitartrate which converts Acetylcholine in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter. This can aid in focus which is crucial. 

In there is also Dynamine which can provide smooth energy like teacrine, at 100mg it is a solid dose.

Advantra Z® is the next ingredient in Ember. It is a natural source of Synephrine, which when combined with Caffeine can help with energy and fat loss. Which is dosed well in Ember. Next up we have Therobromine which is similar to Caffeine.  It has also been shown to be good for preventing increased blood pressure. Finally we have KannaEase. Kanna is an ingredient which may help reduce anxiety brought on by stimulants, and can also help with focus. At 50mg, it is dosed well.


Overall Inspired Nutraceuticals killed this forumla and re-birth of ember and we are huge fans of it. It is available in two Flavors: Lemon Grove & Malibu Breeze


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  • Jesse Westover