Product Spotlight: CR3

Product Spotlight: CR3

CR3- Beyond Creatine.

Our friends over at Inspired Nutraceuticals are kicking off 2021 like no other! Introducing their first of many re-branded products they will be releasing this year. CR3! 

To put simply creatine works. It is one of the most tried & true ingredients in the entire industry. No matter your goal in the gym, you can benefit from creatine. 

2g Creatine Hydrochloride-

Creatine HCl (hydrochloride) is simply a creatine molecule bound with hydrochloric acid.

As a standalone supplement, Creatine HCl has been shown to increase muscle cell volume, promoting an anabolic environment for increasing muscle size.

Creatine HCl has been shown to have superior properties to other forms of Creatine, specifically Creatine Monohydrate, due to its superior solubility and pH alignment with the human digestive tract.

Creatine increases the synthesis of a compound called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the body’s primary source of energy for the phosphate energy system; the energy system which the body uses to power short, sharp muscle contractions and other anaerobic exercises.

50mg Astragin™-

You'll see Astragin™ in many supplements these days. Astragin™ is 100% natural & helps increase absorption of many ingedients including creatine,omega 3's among others which helps create a healthy gut enviornment.

750mg Agmatine Sulfate (AgmaMax®)-

At 750mg Agmatine is dosed well. Agmatine is a compound naturally formed from the amino acid L-arginine. Agmatine helps govern nitric oxide (NO) synthesis which makes it a popular pump ingredient supplement choice.

In the muscle building world agmatine provides the following benefits:

  • Improved muscle pumps/blood flow via the inhibition of nitric oxide synthase.
  • Better intra-workout energy.
  • Role of a nootropic giving you mental clarity (focus), stress management and overall improved cognitive (mental) function.
  • Helps to promote healthy insuling sensitivity promoting leanness & muscle building
  • Increases appetie making it easier for underweight individuals to gain weight & muscle.

50mg Senactiv®

I personally REALLY enjoy this ingredient. Senactiv® is a plant-based compound that enhances physical performance through energy nourishment and optimized cell turnover specifically in exercised muscle tissue. 

Senactiv® increases the production of citrate synthaase, an important enzyme that is responsible for producing more ATP (energy our body uses). Senactiv® has also shown in a human clinical study that it can actually promote the removal of old cells & replenish with new health muscle cells.<


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  • Jesse Westover