Product Highlight: Nutra Innovations Epitome

Product Highlight: Nutra Innovations Epitome

One of our newest brands Nutra Innovations brings a hard-hitting preworkout to the market- Epitome. 

Epitome checks all the boxes you'd want in a pre-workout. 

Energy, Pump, Focus & even Performance. 

It's not too common you find a pre-workout that is HIGH STIM & plenty of pemp ingredients that get us feeling & looking good in the gym.

HIGH-Stim and PUMP?!

Quite often in the indsutry it's usually one or the other. But Nutra Innovations seems to fit BOTH in their pre-workout. Packing 400mg caffeine from a few different sources to get you sustained energy. Ontop of that it has clinical doses of pump ingredients that we all know and love: L-Citrulline, Nitrosigine & Betaine.



Tyrosine will help you produce more catecholamines. Examples of  catecholamines & most talked aboute are dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

By increasing the amount of catecholamines, L-tyrosine helps the body adapt to exercise via the stress response. That stress response helps divert blood flow and oxygen to muscle — which we believe may lead to better performance! L-tyrosine may also help improve focus.

Offering 1.5 grams, it’s on the larger side of doses that you may typically see in other products on the market.

Alpha GPC- 600mg, is the leading form of choline. Choline is the precursor of acetylcholine, and Alpha GPC is the most expensive way of supplementing it – but also the most clinically verified & the most effective.

Acetylcholine handles how the body processes memory, muscle contraction, and physiological processes. What you need to know is that having more choline around appears to improve cognition.

Something to note about Alpha GPC is you'll see next to it is "50%", which means it'll actually give you 300mg of Alpha GPC. 


Epitome is available in BOTH flavors: Tahiti Sunrise & Paradise Candy.


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  • Jesse Westover