Obsessed Nutrition Now Available!

Obsessed Nutrition Now Available!

My goal with my business is highlighting the "good" people in the industry. 

With that being said welcome Obsessed Nutrition to the site! I've known of Obsessed Nutrition ever since I launched my company October of 2019. 

We have three products by them initally which is Addicted a nootropic, Relentless a preworkout AND Actuate which is an non-stim thermogenic.


Addicted- Nootropic:

In a day where energy drinks are so common, ask yourself why? Why go for an energy drink when I can grab something clinically proven to increase focus, energy, mood AND memory?! 

Obsessed Nutrition's addicted can do all of those things and the best part about it? Save money while doing so. No more $3 per can for energy drink. Addicted is only $1 per serving!

Addicted can be taken at any given moment throughout the day you'd gran an expensive energy drink and you need a boost in focus, energy, mood AND memory. 

Nutrition Junction Obsessed Nutrition Addicted Nootropic


Relentless - Pre Workout: 

If you've been disappointed by so-called straightforward preworkouts that promise big doses but leave you listless, think again.

Already in elite company with it's per-scoop/per-serving doses (37g at full dose!), Relentless wastes little time transitioning from performance/pump (10g citrulline, 5g betaine, 5g beta-alanine) into energy and focus. Dual choline sources (DMAE and Alpha-GPC) pair well with 2g L-Tyrosine for resistance to stress and optimal neurotransmitter levels, which your body will translate for you into both higher peak power output and sustained power output overtime.

Then, the energy. Caffeine meets Dynamine meets Theobromine, all three of which are propelled forth by EnXtra's unique ability to improve attention sorting and magnify the effects of stimulants coingested with it.

The result of this synthesis is a clean-burning, anxiety-free rocket ride that you can scale up to your own preference: 1 scoop, 1.5 scoops, or 2 scoops, as needed. Dynamine turns the lights on right away while being more dopaminergic than caffeine, and Theobromine offers alertness and circulation without increased heart rate or blood pressure. In short: Relentless will allow you to train in the fashion after which it was named.

Nutrition Junction Obsessed Nutrition Relentless pre workout


Actuate- Non -Stim Free Fat Burner: 


A stimulant free fat burner is perfect to add in preworkout for those of us who have a goal of fat/weight loss! This will not only make you sweat & burn more calories but it'll also help boost your mood, endurance AND support bloodflow due to the powerful dose of200mg of Cocoabuterol which is a naturally occuring polyphenol

Obsessed Nutrition’s Actuate has 250mg of coleus, 200mcg of 3, 5 diiodo-l-thyronine, 200mg of the branded Cocoabuterol, and a solid half a gram of the increasingly popular Mitoburn. It is indeed a quality combination of ingredients to be taken once a day or one serving split into twice a day to support thermogenesis and fat burning, and as mentioned, without any caffeine.

Take 2 capsules of Actuate anytime throughtout the day (ideally prior to exercise) but DO NOT exceed more than 4 capsules in a day.

Nutrition Junction Obsessed Nutrition Actute Stimfree Fat Burner

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