Nutra Innovations arrives!

Nutra Innovations arrives!

Nutra Innovations has arrived! 

Led by newly named president of the brand Greg Helton. Greg has seen all corners of the industry, most recently with the Musclesport family of brands. Greg joins Nutra Innovations a manufacturer-backed supplement company with some powerful products that Greg’s been chartered to rebrand and rebuild from the ground up!


Available by them on our site is the following.


Two flavors available: Tahiti Sunrise & Paradise Candy.

The pre workout that seems to check all the boxes pretty well: Energy, Pump, Focus, and Performance. Epitome exists to make you the perfect representation of your physical aspirations – whether they are to have more muscle, less body fat, or more strength. Using a well-rounded profile of the best science has to offer, Epitome was built to smash plateaus and create perfection.

  • Beta-Alanine to sustain intense muscular work for extended periods of time
  • Nitrosigine to swell the muscle with nutrients and fluid
  • Alpha-GPC for optimal neuromuscular communication and reaction
  • Multiple forms of caffeine for smooth, controlled energy
  • N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine for laser-like focus and improved mood

24HR Pump-


Stim-free pump product designed to increase blood flow, cellular hydration and lean muscle gains. Simple formula but more importantly it's EFFECTIVE.

  • Glycerol is a hyper hydrator which fills the muscle cells with fluid
  • Norvaline maintains NO levels
  • Enterically coated capsules provide lasting effects


One of the often VERY overlooked supplements and often underrated.

We put a lot of stress on our livers. Even eating regular, healthy food normal, the liver is taxed. That’s why it’s the only organ that is self-regenerating. Some, and we’re not pointing fingers, tax the liver more than others with poor food choices, alcohol, drugs, and other substances. Over time, it becomes harder and harder to stay healthy and fit because the liver is responsible for processing literally everything we consume. Once that effect is diminished, we’re playing from behind. TUDCA, tauroursodeoxycholic acid, is a bile salt with profound effects.

Bile salts are natural compounds that facilitate digestion and nutrient absorption. They also help eliminate wastes. Supplementing with TUDCA and other bile salts have been found to have pronounced effects on digestion, organ health, and toxin elimination. TUDCA™ by Nutra Innovations provides a potent dose of TUDCA with BioPerine for enhanced absorption to help you stay healthy and fit.


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