Inspired's Flavored Greens!

Inspired's Flavored Greens!

GREENS! The one product we all know we should take but don't. 

Most people complain about the gross taste of greens products. Good news. Inspired is here to change that! 

Introducting FLAVORED Greens! In addition to their naturally flavored greens they are bringing Malibu Breeze (Strawberry Watermelon) & Island Vibes (Pineapple Mango). 


Inspired's greens is among the top greens products in the supplement industry. It contains generous amounts of superfoods, shelf stable probiotics, adaptogens, trace minerals. Each scoop delivers one entire USDA serving of vegetables plus digestive neurological and liver support.

To top it all off their 100% transparent label shows you EXACTLY what you're getting unlike other inferior greens products out there that only gives you HUGE blends. 


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  • Jesse Westover