Ingredient Spotlight: Vaso6

Ingredient Spotlight: Vaso6


Nitric oxide and pump ingredients are one of the most common ingredients in the industry. We're going to talk about one off our favorites from our good friend Matt Nickerson the creator of this fantastic ingredient. We'll cover why you want this ingredient implemented into your regimen and in your favorite preworkout.


For years now L-citrulline has been the staple ingredient in preworkouts to help increase blood flow, exercise performance and fatigue resistance [1,2,3]. 

Throughout the past few years Vaso6 has emerged and has fallen into the hands of many good brands and supplement lovers have fallen in love with this ingredient. 

What is Vaso6?

VASO6™ is a proprietary blend of gallate-enhanced oligomers comprised of dimers, trimers, tetramers and pentamers derived from green tea that stimulate nitric oxide production, induce vasodilation and promote vasorelaxation. 

We understand that is alot to take in so lets break it down even further.

What's an Oligomor?

An oligomer is a subcategory of polymers consisting of a "few" monomers. 

A monomer is a molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer.

What Does Vaso6 do?

VASO6 increases nitric oxide production and promotes vasorelaxation. This reduces the amount of work your cardiovascular system does while at the same time increasing the amount of blood flow delivered to your muscles.

So, not only do the compounds in VASO6 help drive more blood to your working muscles, they also reduce the strain on your cardiovascular system to pump additional blood throughout your body.

Increasing blood flow to your muscles can lead to two things:

  1. Bigger muscle pumps during your workout 
  2. Greater endurance, stamina and energy during your training session

The increased energy and stamina is due to the fact that driving more blood to your working muscles supplies them with additional oxygen and nutrients, which allows them to continue performing at a high level for longer.



  1. Increased levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) provide a list of performance and general health benefits such as:

    • Improved ATP production
    • Improved explosive energy and power
    • Improved endurance
    • Improved workout duration
    • Improved oxygen & nutrient delivery to working muscles
    • Improved removal of metabolic by-products
    • Improved oxygen delivery to the brain
    • Improved mental performance
    • Improved body temperature regulation
    • Reduced chances of hazardous blood clots

    As you can see, there’s a lot more to nitric oxide than just muscle pumps and increased vascularity in the gym. 

How Much VASO6 do I take?

Life begins at 600mg. You can start with 300mg and work your way up but you're fine with taking 600-1200mg per day. 600-900mg at a time delivers impressive pumps.  Me personally I have been taking 600-900mg preworkout (or mornings on off days), and another 600mg before bed. 

Nutrition Junction VASO6Nutrition Junction VASO6

How do I add VASO6 in my regimen?

VASO6 is an already powerful ingredient so there's really no need to go crazy and combine it with a ton of different pump, nitric oxide ingredients. I'd say you're totally in the sweet spot with just simply adding it with your normal preworkout.

I'd say combining VASO6 with a preworkout, seperate pump product AND adding in VASO6 is a little overboard BUT some still do it.

VASO6 is one of my favorite ingredients that I'll stand by for the test of time. If you are an athlete, train for endurance and are NOT taking VASO6 you're missing out on some great benefits. 



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